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Finding God's Plan

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If you had met me some time ago, and you asked me to describe my life in one phrase, I would have said, “stuck in the middle.” I wasn’t in an entry level position at work, but I wasn't on the executive team. I wasn’t alienated by my extended family, but we weren’t as close as we could have been. My immediate family wasn’t the typical family, but there were other families around like ours. I wasn’t financially destitute, but I did have to budget to make it. My children weren’t disrespectful trouble makers, but they weren’t cherubs. That was my “stuck in the middle” life. I had the will to live, but I didn’t go much beyond survival. My life with God was just the same, until I realized his plan for me. It was true, I did live in the middle, but my approach to life was wrong. I discovered that God not only loved me, but he also had a plan for my life. His will was that through him, I would live my ordinary life, but in an extraordinary way. As you know, nothing valuable comes cheap, but the reward is priceless. Finding God’s plan included challenges-to my actions, desires, thoughts, priorities and beliefs. But I wouldn’t trade what I’ve gained for anything in the world. Every day I know God a little more. He gives me purpose and is the key to an extraordinary life. What about you? Are you up for the challenge?

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