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​The Lord’s Prayer: Sacred but Ineffectual

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For many years, the Lord’s prayer had been revered and respected. It is often recited in religious ceremonies and services. It is God-honoring when we approach the Lord’s prayer with reverence and holy awe, but we sometimes forget the true purpose of it. Jesus gave this prayer in response to his disciples request for him to teach them to pray. It seems odd that Jesus’ disciples would ask him to teach them to pray because the Jewish culture, in many ways was based on prayer. But as they followed their Teacher,they saw a different approach to prayer. Jesus’ prayers were intimate and frequent i.e. relational. Healthy relationships thrive on frequent quality time with someone who is loved by another. Just like any relationship, Jesus taught them to pray, so they, like him, could stay in constant contact with the Father. When we lock up the Lord’s prayer behind a display of sanctification, we keep it out of reach and we discourage daily use. It becomes so sacred, we occasionally recite it but it is ineffectual in the area we need it most-our daily lives. It is impossible to know the effectiveness of the Lord’s prayer until we unpack it use it regularly.

Over the next few entries, I will unpack each phrase of the Lord’s Pray to show how it can bring us closer to the Father every day.

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