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Like many of my mom friends, I’m a bit of a “clean freak.”Whether it’s true or not, a dirt-free home makes me feel like I’m creating an environment that keeps my family healthy and less prone to sickness. In my younger days, when I was a teacher, one of my coworker friends who had recently adopted a toddler, joined the ranks of clean freak moms. Whenever we talked I always asked her how she was doing in her new mom role. One day when I ran into her, I proceed to do the normal thing and ask her how parenting was treating her. She gave a deep sigh and said that everything was great, except for the fact that her son was frequently sick. She told me that she had a good friend, who’d adopted a child at the same time that she and her husband did and their child never got sick, not even a sniffle. “I don’t understand it,”she said, “my friend is the worse housekeeper that I’ve ever known, and her child never gets sick. I on the other hand, disinfect everything in sight and my son is sick all the time!”Something didn’t seem right when the child of a mom who was diligent at keeping a clean environment was constantly sick and a child of a mother who was extremely messy stayed well. I had to agree with her and didn’t understand it either. That just didn't seem to be fair or right.

In the Bible, there was a choir master named Asaph. In Psalm 73 he wrote about how baffled he was when he examined the prosperous lives of evil people, opposed to the trial-filled lives of the disciplined believers. Even though he was the chief musician who led people into the worship of God, he was having a rough time. In fact, after he pondered the situation, the God-centered life that had previously seen as sweet, had now become sour. The thing he previously found so much join in, seemed like a waste of time.

Can you blame him? Any believer can get tripped up when he sees the people who arrogantly despise God having the “good life”while he doesn’t seem to have it quite as good. But aren’t saintly spiritual leaders immune from wondering if their dedication to God is worth it? No way! To our human minds, the good get what’s good and the bad get what’s bad.

The longer Asaph stayed on this hamster wheel of thinking, the worse things got for him. In verse 17 of the psalm, Asaph tells how he was able to get out of this deadly spiritual cyclone.

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